Carpet cleaning

How to prepare for a carpet cleaning

From simply improving your carpets’ appearance, extending their lifespan, or eliminating odors, there are endless benefits to a professional clean. But how should you prepare for one?

Luckily, there’s no extensive work needed on your part – after all, that’s what you’re paying for. It’s more about prepping the space to ensure you get as much for your money as possible.

Every home or business is different, but here are a few things you might want to consider if you’ve got a professional clean booked.

Move furniture

To ensure a thorough clean, moving furniture and any other bulky items out of the way first, as long as you can safely do so, is best. While some cleaners will move furniture for you, others may charge additional fees for this, which will slow them down in either case.

If you’re unsure what you should be moving, talk it through with the company first.

Put away anything valuable or fragile

Professional cleaning companies will always be careful in their customers’ homes, but accidents can happen, so it makes sense to store away delicate or expensive items, just in case.

Store anything made from china, glass, or porcelain in another room if possible. If this isn’t possible, alert your cleaning company to these items before they begin so they can take extra caution around them.


Check with your cleaning company first; some prefer handling this themselves. Still, an initial vacuuming helps to remove excess dirt and debris in your carpet fibers and is often welcomed.

You should also look for other loose items on the floor, such as jewelry, hair clips, or coins, especially in areas hidden by furniture.

Save a parking space

One easily forgotten thing is ensuring your cleaning team has somewhere to park when they arrive. If you only have a small parking space or driveway, it’s a good idea to check in with them beforehand to ensure they’ll have enough room for their vehicle and equipment.

Make a list of problem areas

It’s common that high-traffic areas, such as hallways or staircases, will need more attention, and carpet cleaning companies will be well aware of this. It’s helpful to note down any other areas you feel need a deep clean, though. If you’ve had any spillages, you may have rearranged furniture to cover them up, meaning they can be forgotten over time. If your cleaners know these from the beginning, they can treat them more effectively and efficiently.

Secure pets and children

If possible, keep children and pets out of your home or in a separate designated room while your carpets are being cleaned and while they’re drying. Not only can a dog or a toddler bursting into the room be distracting for the team, but the substances used may be harmful to pets or small children if they ingest them.

Taking a few moments to think about how to prepare for a carpet cleaning just helps the day run more smoothly and ensures you get the best results possible.