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Safe Place Partnership for COVID-19

Powerhouse Home and Commercial Services is dedicated to the safety and well-being of our
customers and our employees, this is our highest priority during this unprecedented critical and
uncertain time. We strive to offer value-added and essential services that are vital to our customers
and their employees to help maintain a clean and safe working environment so you can better and safely serve your customers.

Powerhouse is continually monitoring the COVID-19/Coronavirus situation, and we are committed to you, and we will be here until life and the workplace return to some sense of normalcy.

Like everyone, we are hopeful that these inconveniences are “temporary” during this time, we have some additional services we can offer to our partners and their residents to ease some fears and concerns of the indoor air quality and workplace environment. Powerhouse is now providing indoor wet fogging services, this process use a HVLP wet fogger, this equipment atomizes 95% of its output to particles of 20 microns or less; this is ideal and an effective method to disperse an antimicrobial and deep cleaning EPA-approved product throughout all indoor air environments as
well as all flat surfaces that are most prone to human contact. These services are priced by cubic feet of air in a space. Prices vary but start as low as $.03 per cubic foot.

Powerhouse Home and Commercial Services consistently advocate safety in our daily operational
practices and confront the spread of this virus and for our employee’s protection, we require our staff to wear the proper PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment) while on site performing these or any other requested essential services. This is for their protection as well as yours. These guidelines to help prevent illness can be found at the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention website and OSHA website.

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