Nylon vs Polyester Carpet

Nylon vs Polyester

Carpet is a popular flooring choice for both residential and commercial applications. It has plenty of attractive qualities, such as comfort and warmth, noise reduction, and aesthetic appeal, but not every carpet is created equal. Traditionally composed of wool, carpets now tend to be made up of synthetic fibers, created using different processes that involve […]

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Hardwood vs carpet flooring

Hardwood vs carpet flooring

Although both are popular flooring choices for many residential and commercial properties, hardwood and carpet are vastly different materials with contrasting features. Both materials have very different aesthetic appeal. You may be drawn towards the sleek and professional appearance of hardwood, or perhaps the versatility that carpet offers with different colors and styles, but choosing

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Best commercial flooring

Best flooring for commercial office space

Over time, commercial flooring will require a refresh. Most office spaces have relatively high foot traffic and since everybody’s always wearing shoes, every flooring type will get worn down eventually. There’s no single answer to what type of flooring is best for a commercial office environment – it will depend on a range of factors

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