2024 flooring trends

Flooring trends for 2024

Home interior trends are constantly changing, and certain styles, themes, and colors usually hold clear dominance each year. Throughout 2023, earthy and neutral-toned flooring has been popular across residential and commercial properties, but is that here to stay for 2024?

Residential flooring trends 2024

After years of gray shades taking the lead, it’s looking likely that homeowners and businesses alike are holding onto the neutral and natural tones we’ve seen this year.

2024 flooring trends for residential properties will not only focus on earthy, natural colors, but sustainability is also becoming more prevalent as a priority. Homeowners have a growing awareness of environmental issues and desire to reduce their ecological footprint, and opting for a more sustainable flooring option is a great way to do so.

This means that we’ll likely see an increase in hardwood and engineered wood floors, as well as tiles made of natural materials. These flooring options not only suit the ongoing trend of natural tones and materials but also boast a range of other benefits for discerning homeowners.

With a timeless and versatile aesthetic, hardwood, engineered wood, and natural stone tiles can suit a wide range of interior styles, creating the ideal base for further home renovations or simply standing the test of time for the interior design lifecycle. Each flooring type has various customization options, from colors to material type and patterns.

Another great benefit of natural materials is the biophilic elements. Biophilia is the concept of incorporating natural tones, shapes, and materials into your interior design, which can enhance well-being whilst creating a calming and inviting space, which is precisely what many strive to achieve within their home.

2024 flooring trends for commercial properties

Commercial flooring trends commonly follow that of residential homes, but there’s more to consider when choosing the right flooring for a commercial property. Commercial areas tend to see significantly higher foot traffic than a single-family dwelling, as well as a larger square footage of floor space, meaning the durability and overall cost of the material often play a large part in the final decision.

Although hardwood, engineered wood, and natural stone tile may well see popularity in the commercial space this coming year, given the ongoing economic difficulties, many businesses may be looking for a more cost-effective solution for replacing their flooring.

A common cost-saving switch from traditional hardwood or engineered wood flooring is laminate. Modern manufacturing methods have allowed laminate flooring to appear almost identical to comparable hardwood and engineered wood floors but at a much lower price point. The natural, earthy tones can still be achieved through the wide range of colors and grains available with laminate.

Other flooring options that may be prevalent in the commercial space for 2024 include vinyl plank and carpet. Vinyl planks are another comparable, cost-effective switch from hardwood and engineered wood, but of course, when you opt for a material that imitates the aesthetic of hardwood, you lose out on the inherent properties of natural wood flooring.

Any flooring choice will have an array of options that allow you to tailor the colors and tones of your space, but commercial properties should continue to prioritize a material that best suits the needs of the business, regardless of what is currently trending in the interior design world.

Following the latest interior design trends can be a fun way to keep up with the current popular themes, but remember that a complete flooring renovation is a big investment. Trends come and go, but the right flooring with professional installation will have a lifecycle much longer than the current trend will last.